The KKS company, now run by the third generation of the family, is positioned as a modern supplier to the butchery trade and the meat processing industry. Technology, expertise, the love of meat as a material and a healthy awareness of the traditional trade have characterised the KKS family business to date.

This attitude is not just reflected in our range of products, but also in our special and individual solutions for customers at home and abroad.

Today, the widest range of food trends and consumer wishes need just as much to be taken into account as the traditional flavours of the individual regions and countries. On the one hand, consumers once again pay more attention to authenticity and originality. On the other, they also want lighter, healthier foodstuffs, resealable packaging and a long shelf life. And of course the cold meats should always look appetising and fresh.

That is why KKS today produces a wide range of active-ingredient preparations, combination products and seasonings that combine traditional values with modern trends and can be adapted to the individual preferences and lifestyles of modern consumers as a result.

KKS’ extensive product range includes active-ingredient preparations and seasonings for the production of meat, ham and sausage products, convenience products such as grill and decorative seasonings, marinades, compounds, coatings and individualised products. It is primarily with these product solutions adapted specifically to the customer that we intend to support the medium-sized businesses in the trade and industry and also take into account regional preferences.

Use our expertise and our experience for an efficient and successful production and the unique flavour that consumers love. Extensive technological advice and support in the use of our products are just as much part of our service as fast, uncomplicated and flexible delivery. So it is no coincidence that KKS products are so popular at home and abroad. If you would like to get to know KKS, then contact our technical advisers, they will be pleased to help you.

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